Wasps Problem

Wasp Problem

The wasp is colloquially described as neither a bee nor an ant but a ferocious cross between the two. Coastal suburbs in Melbourne, are suffering from an incursion of wasps, affecting thousands of residents. Wasp nests are being found inside letterboxes and meter boxes. Hospital visits due to wasp stings have spiked in affected suburbs, and is making residents nervous. Because of the threat of wasp attacks hanging over Melbourne residents, pest management professionals are flooded with calls from distressed homes.

Why are wasps plaguing in Melbourne?

Around March and April during early autumn and late summer conditions, wasps start to fly around and begin to dominate the airspace around properties. Weather conditions are one of the reasons why wasps are plaguing Melbourne, because the ideal conditions for them to breed are being created.

What you need to know about wasps

European wasps are seen most commonly in Melbourne. The sting of a European wasp is dangerous to humans and can hurt for days. Individuals who have been attacked by wasps and been stung repeatedly, must seek urgent medical assistance—as they can go into anaphylactic shock.

Areas with High Wasp Activity

Melbourne is blessed with beautiful gardens in every suburb. But when wasps invade the city, it’s best to avoid areas susceptible to infestations. Here are a few places in Melbourne that have been flagged as hotspots for wasp activity:

  • Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Emerald Lake Park
  • Studley Park Boathouse
  • Coburg Lake Park
  • Fairfield Park Boathouse

Keep an eye on news reports about wasp alerts and try to avoid such public places because wasps favor them for breeding and tend to build nests in these areas.

If you’re looking for help with a wasp situation near your home or office, give Mr. Pest Controller a call. Our licensed technicians can help eliminate wasp nests, eggs, and the threat of wasps themselves.

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