Termites can wreak mayhem in your property if left unchecked. Our team of experts can help you right from pre-purchase inspections of properties to managing infestations in an existing property. Give us a call to discuss details on 13 11 49

Termite Control Sydney

Reliable termite control Sydney wide

Of all the pests to enter your home, the most unwanted of them all is the subterranean termite. The suburbs of Sydney are home to lush trees and greenery, but when these are combined with wet weather, these suburbs can become a perfect breeding ground for termites. Termites can cause untold damage to properties, leading to significant bills to repair weakened structures. They can even devalue your home by as much as 25 percent. Luckily for you, Mr Pest Controller is here to help. As part of our extensive range of services, we are pleased to offer termite control Sydney home and property owners can rely on to swiftly resolve their tricky termite problems.

Effective termite control in Sydney homes

When it comes to termite inspection and treatment, you don’t have time to make mistakes. Termites are the most difficult pest to get rid of, as they multiply in massive numbers. This means that the most effective treatment is required and Mr Pest Controller is the best in town. We’re highly experienced in removing and preventing future infestations of both types of termites that house owners often experience. Both subterranean termites, which reside underground, and drywood termites, which live inside, can be targeted and destroyed through our various methods. The effective termite control methods provided by Mr Pest Controller are non-hazardous, odourless, and don’t require you to vacate the premises.

Treatment and prevention of termites

Termite control methods can be split into two groups: treatment and preventions. Treatment is applied to pre-existing buildings, while preventative measures are applied during the construction of new buildings. There are a number of different options that can be used for the control of termites, including baiting and applying termiticides. Our clients sometimes ask about the installation of physical, non-chemical barriers as a part of termite control. This option is able to be used during construction however it can’t be done in existing structures. Modern termite control treatments are more successful than ever before. However, it still requires extensive experience and specialist skills to get it right. Our track record speaks for itself.

Why choose Mr Pest Controller?

As our name suggests, we’re the experts in pest control and it’s what we do best. Specialising in termite control, we have a range of solutions designed to keep your home safe while also protecting the health of your family. Years of experience in termite and pest  control has helped us to understand their ways and the fact that no two properties are attacked by termites in the same way. We provide our termite control Sydney wide and are known as the trusted specialist for effective removals. For more information or to arrange an appointment time, speak to your local Mr Pest Controller today.

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