The type of termite control strategies used on your premises are determined by several factors including the species of active termites, the construction of your property, and the severity of the termite problems. At Mr Pest Controller, our termite control system can help you out on how to obtain a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly home free from termite infestations

Mr Pest Controller termite-baiting is proven in its effectiveness and specifically designed to protect your property against the harmful effects of termite infestation. Employing this treatment puts an end to any termite colonies that have formed around your property.

How Can Our Termite-Baiting Help You?

With our termite-baiting treatment, we begin by determining the extent of termite infestation and activity. Based on these findings and the severity of the infestation, our termite experts will deploy the appropriate termite-bait around the affected areas of your property.

The baiting system works by subverting the natural foraging behavior of termites. The termites feed on the bait and eventually bring it back to share with the rest of their colony. Rapid acting active ingredients in the termite baits start to take effect quite quickly spreading through the colony. As termites die off, the colony stops growing leading to eradication of the infestation problem.

Best Features of Our Termite Baiting System

Some of the key features of our termite baiting system at Mr Pest Controller are:

  • Our termite baiting treatments have been rigorously tested both in lab and in field environments. During treatments they are deployed by our highly trained, fully licensed technicians who have years of industry experience. This gives us a lot of confidence in guaranteeing the work we do and give you the assurance that our termite baiting will help you with your termite infestation concerns
  • Our baiting system has undergone quality checks making sure it is effective in stopping your infestation problem while still being safe for the environment
  • All our treatments follow strict government health regulations and safety standards, as stipulated by Australian national and state level directives

Benefits of Our Termite-Baiting

We are very proud of the high quality termite baiting systems we offer and would like to assure you that when you choose us to help with your termite problem:

  • You will have the peace of mind that your termite problems will be brought to an end
  • Our termite-baiting treatment is not disruptive to your life-style or work. We use minimally intrusive treatments and our technicians will discuss the approach most appropriate for your situation, to minimize any inconvenience
  • Our termite treatments are also environmentally friendly. These systems do not create any toxic residue, ensuring the safety of your staff, family, pets and the environment

How can Mr Pest Controller help?

If you are continuing to experience problems with termites, please give us a call. At Mr Pest Controller, all our staff are highly trained, pest control professionals licensed by the Australian Department of Health and Human Services.

All our chemicals are safe, eco-friendly and biodegradable. We use the same chemicals for our clients as we would at our own homes.

All treatments carried out by Mr Pest Controller meet the strict health regulations of the Australian Government, as per Section101 of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 (PHW Act) and the Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2009 (PHW Regulations).

Our treatments are pet and child friendly.

We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee
In addition, we have a 3-fold assurance:

  • FREE Quote & Fixed Price Guarantee
  • Safety Guarantee, the chemicals used are safe and non-toxic
  •  Results Guarantee, when you’re happy, we’re happy

Our friendly client care team is standing by, please give us a call.

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