Prevention, as they say, is better than cure and the best way to prevent termite infestation is by adopting building practices that will pro-actively prevent a termite infestation.

Builders typically focus on addressing two conditions of reducing termite activities, wood to ground contact and moisture. In assuming our duty of care and offering different strategies for termite control, we also offer the following best-practice guidelines that your builders can follow with regard to pre-construction termite protection:

  • Limit wood-to-soil contact by supporting the wood with a strong concrete base
  • Wood in crawlspaces must be maintained eighteen inches above the ground to help avoid soil contact
  • If it is not possible to prevent the wood from touching the soil, you must use a termite resistant or pressure treated type of wood
  • Avoid burying cellulose materials inside your building site
  • Ensure proper drainage from the foundation of the building, often this is done by introducing a slope
  • Offer the right amount of ventilation within crawlspaces that helps to reduce any build-up of moisture
  • Install sidings at exactly six inches above the soil, to limit termite access or entry points

In some areas in Australia where subterranean termite infestation is common, we suggest that builders incorporate some of the control and prevention methods against termites. We also recommend you use some of the following techniques:

  • Treat the soil layer beneath your home with the best treatment for proactive protection
  • Install an effective physical barriers to reduce the access of termites in your area
  • Install monitoring systems and termite bait to help determine some termite activities
  • Incorporate shields and barriers around the building foundation and utility openings to help block any entry points

Which Pre-Construction Termite Protection Solution is best for you?

At Mr Pest Controller, we have a wide range of pre-construction termite protection systems designed to protect your property for extension projects, new homes, or renovations. We are very confident that we can offer the best termite protection.

To help you implement some of the recommendations presented above, we also offer physical and chemical termite barriers, chemical soil treatments, and reticulation systems. Each of these treatments are lab-tested and field proven to prevent termite infestation.

Why Mr Pest Controller?


We proudly offer the best pre-construction termite protection that saves money and time for our clients.

Professional Experience

We are equipped with the best techniques and a team of highly trained professionals and have partnered with leading builders around Australia to implement pre-construction termite protection on their projects.

Guaranteed Protection

We stand by the work we do and are confident enough to offer long-term guarantees on termite protection treatments we carry out. Part of our guarantee is to carry out periodic checks on your property to ensure it is termite proof.

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