Since late 2016, there has been an alarming increase in mosquitoes in Australia, leading to rising health concerns in affected states. Australia is home to a large number of mosquito species; this is contrary to popular opinion that there are only one or two active species native to Australia. However, only a few of these have been recognized as being dangerous to human health.

A few mosquito species that have been recognized as being potentially harmful to human health are:

  • Aedes Aegypti
  • Anophelus Farauti
  • Aedes Procax
  • Aedes Notoscriptus
  • Aedes Vigilax
  • Mansonia Uniformis
  • Coquillettidia linealis
  • Culex Annulirostris
  • Aedes Camptoryhnchus
  • Culex Quinquefasciatus

Mosquito numbers continue to explode all over Australia and because of strong tides and warm weather; they continue to breed, triggering mosquito-borne viruses. Standing pools of water are a prime source for an increase in mosquitos. This could potentially raise the fear of illness and disease carried by these insects.

Australian health authorities have also been concerned about the spread of the brain damage causing encephalitis virus. This has lead to health bulletins encouraging members of the public to cover up exposed limbs with repellants.

How Do You Know You have a Problem?

The signs of mosquito infestation are quite obvious. When one finds a large number of bite marks, it’s a sure sign of an increase in mosquito numbers. Other early warning signs are to keep a lookout for pools (or puddles) of stagnant water around your property. Have a look in the water. If you can see a lot of wriggling, writhing larvae in the water, that’s a significant warning for an impending invasion of adult mosquitoes.

What Steps Can You Take?

You may consider the following important steps to help prevent mosquito infestation:

  • Eliminate Sources of Stagnant Water: Minimize the number of mosquitoes on your property by removing potential sites of breeding. Removing stagnant water will help remove egg laying sites. This will includes plant pots, blocked gutters and ponds.
  • Mosquito Screens: Stop mosquitoes that come inside through the use of mosquito screens.
  • Cover Up when Outdoors: When you stay outside, you should wear long-sleeved and loose tops including long trousers with socks that help reduce mosquito bites.

How To Get Rid of Mosquitoes?

To get rid of mosquitoes completely, you may follow the tips below:

  • Make use of an insect repellant that sprays to the insect. Spray it into the air for it to create a cloud of insecticide that will trap mosquitoes.
  • If you are seeing large numbers of mosquitoes indoors, spray insect repellant onto surfaces where mosquitoes will rest throughout the day. Their usual resting places are drawers, cupboards, behind pictures and under furniture items
  • Reduce the number of adult mosquitoes by spraying surfaces where mosquitoes may rest. These areas may include decking roofs, flooring, under plant leaves, and eaves
  • Use mosquito spray and products that can provide fast control and can kill mosquitoes in the ai


Q. Why Do I Get Bitten by Mosquitoes?

Ans. Mosquitoes need protein, which is why they take advantage of warm-blooded animals. They can feed on the blood sucked from a particular person. As they get closer, they are tuned to chemical smells produced by sweat and bacteria on skin. Mosquitoes are sensitive to a combination of three to four hundred chemical compounds.

Q. Can Sleeping Under a Mosquito Net Help?

Ans. Sleeping under a mosquito net certainly helps by providing a physical barrier during the night as one sleeps. However, it’d be wise to take further precautions for round the clock protection.

Q. What are Those Viruses Transmitted by Mosquitoes?

Ans. The viruses that are commonly transmitted by mosquitoes include malaria, chikungunya virus, and dengue fever. Sleeping under a mosquito net protects people against these viruses. A repellent spray can also help prevent the spread of these diseases.

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