Do we need to do anything before the pest control treatment?

Our technician will need access to edges of each room being treated as it is necessary to spray along skirtings. Articles of clothing, books, toys etc. should be moved off the floor. All food items should also be cleared off the kitchen bench and dining table.

Are pest control sprays safe around my children and pets?

Yes, all our chemicals are family, child, and pet safe. We guarantee the non-toxicity of the chemicals being used. They are government approved and recognised as being safe to be use in hospitals, schools, and public places.

Can we remain within the premises while you spray?

We recommend that you vacate your premises while the treatment is carried out. After the treatment is complete, we suggest that you ventilate the rooms thoroughly for about 3 hours.

What if we touch areas that have been sprayed?

It is important not to touch sprayed areas while still wet. However, once the water-based spray has dried, the active agents adhere to surfaces and will not harm you. If you have come in contact with a sprayed surface while still wet, we suggesting washing with soap and rinsing under running water as soon as possible..

What if I see pests after a treatment?

It’s normal for pests to crawl out of their hiding places after treatment, but they die soon after. However, if you are seeing continued pest activity, please call us so we can organise a return visit if needed.

How often do we need to carry out pest inspections?

We recommend regular check at intervals of no more than twelve months. Shorter periods may be recommended, according to environment conditions, our technician will advise you of this (if applicable).